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John's Demolition & Cleanup Services Services

Driveway Excavation

The first step to giving your property a functional and attractive driveway is the most important step. Before you can pour the concrete, you need to contact an excavation contractor that specializes in earthmoving and driveway excavation. That is where John's Demolition & Cleanup Services comes in.

It doesn’t matter whether you require us to demolish existing structures, haul dirt off-site, or grade the site for poured concrete—we do it all.

Excavation Company

When the time comes to seek the services of a reputable excavation contractor, you will find no one better suited to serve you than John's Demolition & Cleanup Services. Offering a full suite of earth moving services, we are capable of facilitating residential and commercial projects of all varieties. From basement excavation and land clearing to pond and pool digging, we do it all—and all for a great rate, too.

Excavation Contractor

Skilled operators of excavators are often the first contractors on site at large construction jobs. They might be there to dig sewer lines, dig ponds, or conduct a basement dig out. In short, excavation companies offer more services than you might think. Commercial contractors, home builders, and homeowners alike request their services for projects of all varieties. And who do the people in our community look to when they need an excavation company on site?

Excavation Services

Are you looking for an excavation contractor that is ready to tackle your upcoming project? If so, we invite you to contact the celebrated John's Demolition & Cleanup Services. Offering a full suite of excavation services, we dig out basements, help construct backyard ponds, and so much more.

Contractors love us for our qualifications, and residential clients love us for competitive rates.

Residential Excavation Contractor

If you are building a new home or redoing your driveway, John's Demolition & Cleanup Services is the company to call. Our skilled excavation contractors can handle any project you have in mind, and we do so at great rates. If you have any questions about the work we can provide, don’t hesitate to contact us at (559) 217-4393 to speak with an expert.

Site Preparation Services

Do you have a building project on the horizon? Make sure you have a strong foundation with the site preparation services from John's Demolition & Cleanup Services. Our full-service approach means that you can count on us to condition and prepare your entire construction site for the work you are planning. Learn more and schedule our services by calling (559) 217-4393.

Trenching Services

John's Demolition & Cleanup Services is the company to contact if you are installing new underground utilities on your property. Our professional trenching services are everything you need to get the job done safely and correctly. We are well-versed with all of our machinery and the precision that is required for a successful trench digging project. Reach us at (559) 217-4393 for all of the details. 

Concrete Removal

John's Demolition & Cleanup Services has been at the forefront of the concrete industry for many years, providing comprehensive concrete removal services for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. With the work of our contractors, your concrete will be removed efficiently without risk to your site or surrounding properties. We work meticulously to reduce unwanted pollution during the removal.

Our highly trained staff is experienced in completing concrete demolition, waste removal, and site cleanup. Contact us at (559) 217-4393 and obtain a detailed quote tailored to your specific concrete removal needs.

Land Clearing

If you need a clean slate on which to build, there’s no one better to call than the team at John's Demolition & Cleanup Services. We provide comprehensive land clearing services for more than reasonable rates.


Demolition is a sometimes dangerous business, especially if you’re working as an amateur. A necessary part of construction, you’ll need to have a demolition company in mind who you can rely on to be safe and effective. At John's Demolition & Cleanup Services, we work with interiors and exteriors, residential and commercial buildings, as well as structures that have been damaged by fires and floods.

Rock Breaking and Removal

If you’re dealing with troublesome rocks and boulders on your property or unwanted driveways and patios—you don’t have to learn to live with them—just call the John's Demolition & Cleanup Services demolition contractors and get them removed! While there are a lot of cases where breaking is easier than building, when it comes to stubborn boulders and well-rooted concrete, you’re going to need the professional touch.

Septic Tank

Septic systems are the perfect option for anyone looking to be eco-friendly, save some money, and be in control of their own waste management. At John's Demolition & Cleanup Services, we believe that whether you need a new septic system installation, maintenance, or repair/replacement of an existing system, that should not cost you a lot of time or money.

Debris Removal

Do you require professional debris removal? If so, John's Demolition & Cleanup Services is the team to call. We will swiftly clear your site of debris, and we'll do it at locally competitive prices. Call our team today to schedule your professional debris clearing service.

You can always reach us at (559) 217-4393 to get started.

Junk Removal

John's Demolition & Cleanup Services is a local junk removal company offering affordable and flexible waste hauling services. We are a licensed and insured business with a fleet of dump trucks at our disposal for waste and recyclables of all kinds.

Goodbye, garbage! Call our staff today at (559) 217-4393 for a complimentary cost estimate.

Concrete Sawing

John's Demolition & Cleanup Services is the leading local concrete sawing contractor. Combining years of experience with cutting-edge equipment, we’ve developed a strong reputation for timeliness, diligence, and top-quality workmanship. No matter the job, you can count on us for all your concrete sawing needs.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation, or to get a quote, give us a call at (559) 217-4393 today. We can’t wait to get started—and neither should you.

Bobcat Services

If you are looking for a company whose bobcat services can assist you in all matters related to excavation, sewer repair, landscaping, or demolition, look no further than John's Demolition & Cleanup Services. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we’re the team for you! Call us at (559) 217-4393 today.

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